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Supernatural LbNA #64908

Plant date:May 27, 2013
County:Santa Clara
Planted by:Quartet Contact
Found by: fleetwood7
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 27, 2013
Sam and Dean Winchester decided to check out rumors of the ghosts at the renowned mystery house that shares their surname. After parking the Impala in the main parking lot, they walked up to the front info building, their backs to the parking lot. Sam heard a noise from a knotted tree in the middle of the parking lot, directly to their right, and he walked over to the tree to investigate. He accidentally left his ammunitions box in a hollow near the base of the tree, behind some bushes.

His ammunitions box contains a picture of their initials from the inside of the Impala.

They didn't pay for tickets, and monster hunters usually have to be wary of other people around when they gather their lost equipment. Note: planted while traveling, locals please care for her!