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Girl Scout Troop 1399 LbNA #64411

Owner:OneUppyEar Contact
Plant date:Apr 16, 2013
Location: Granada Park
Found by: PunkSoulBrother
Last found: Apr 25, 2013
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Apr 16, 2013
This letterbox is placed at Granada Park (6505 N. 20th Street), just east of Highway 51 and south of E. Glendale Ave. The terrain is easy and you can park either along the street next to the park or in the parking lot at the South end of the park.

Go to the biggest playground climber on the playground and start at the bottom of the largest staircase. Face Southeast and walk that direction until you find a formation of 3 rocks adjacent to the green sprinkler box. Stand on the sidewalk line next to the green box.

Count 21 lines (including the one you are starting on) going East. Turn directly away from the pond and take approximately 10 steps (8 year old size) away from the lake. You will be between two bushes in an empty space. Turn right.

Approximately 5 feet away, near a Palo Verde tree, is a scraggly hedge. The letterbox will be buried under rocks and twigs under the hedge. It has a red tupperware lid.

Please reseal both plastic bags and put the box back as you found it. Watch for snakes or other desert critters.