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Joli Lac Chabot LbNA #64211

Plant date:Mar 22, 2013
City:San Leandro
Location: Estudillo Avenue
Planted by:bigsislilbrovallejo
Found by: Nature Hikers
Last found:Feb 5, 2016
Last edited:Mar 22, 2013
Once you have come to the end of Estudillo Avenue, you will cross a small bridge to enter parking area. Park your car. Find the main paved path that starts behind a large Double Gate chain linked fence. There will be a side door entrance to the left of the gates. Once in the park you will see signs to your left and cylindrical metal filters to your right. Proceed up the hill on paved pathway past the 10 mph speed limit sign. Continue up the hill past the yellow watershed building. Walk up hill to the next sign on the left that marks the entrance to a tunnel that is in Memorium to Chinese Laborers. The path will go up and veer to the right. On your right you will see a yellow fire hydrant. Keep going. Pass another sign on your right that marks a landmark for the Filtration Basin which looks like an empty field. Once you pass this sign....about 100 feet up and to your left, you will see a path break left off the paved pathway. The unpaved road is marked by two eucalyptus trees to your left (see pic/clue below). Keep climbing up the hill until there is a split in the path. The split is marked by a pine tree in the center. If you go right, you will see a white man-made marking post. Choose the path on the left and walk up 10 - 15 paces and turn left. walk another 20-25 paces to the long fallen tree on the ground. Under the tree towards center of trunk you will find your treasure :). It should be camouflaged with twigs, bark, and leaves. If you continue up and over the path you'll see a pretty view and Lake Chabot. Thanks for finding Joli Lac Chabot. Bonjour!