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Symphony Trail LbNA #64144

Owner:zdonb Contact
Plant date:Mar 5, 2013
City:Oak Park
Location: Symphony
Found by: Kelsung
Last found: Jul 23, 2013
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Mar 5, 2013
The starting point is the intersection of Symphony Way and Lindero Canyon Road. Approximately 250 feet north-northwest of the southeast corner of this intersection you will find a square post next to something that swings. This is where you start your journey.

From this spot follow the dirt road in a southerly direction, a distance of approximately 36.77% of the span of the Harvard bridge, measured in smoots, until you reach a man-made object. On the side of the object facing the road, between the bolts, you will find the letterbox. Note that this letterbox is in the North Ranch Open Space area

This was also designed as a geocache as well, so there will be ordinary signatures and dates.