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Running Free LbNA #6407

Owner:Erfellie Contact
Plant date:Nov 11, 2003
Found by: FORAYCH
Last found: Mar 24, 2016
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Nov 11, 2003
This letterbox was made for my best friend Sandi in memory of her lifelong best animal friend Barbie. Barbie was her horse that she had for more than 20 years. Barbie suddenly was stricken with a very bad case of colic that was unfortunately uncurable and in less than a day she passed away even with the efforts of many people trying to help her. It wasn't enough time for Sandi to say goodbye to her long time friend so this is why I made this letterbox. I hope you all enjoy it.

*This is a short hike but steep in some parts and in the summer can be a heavily traveled path with lots of poison oak in the area but as long as you stay on the trail you should avoid the poison oak*
*This Letterbox was originally located at Limpy Creek but was relocated so we could place Smurf Village there instead, so dont forget to visit the village!! it is just 0.9 of a mile back in the direction you came and a RIGHT turn on Limpy Creek Road and just a short distance up the road from there*

1. Driving from Interstate 5, get off on exit 55 Grants Pass. Follow the signs to Rogue Community College (RCC) on Redwood Highway, about 7 or 8 miles.
2. From RCC's main entrance on Redwood highway, continue driving 3.5 Miles and turn RIGHT on Riverbanks Road.
3. Drive 5.2 Miles and turn LEFT on Shan Creek Road.
4. Drive 1.1 and shortly after the paved road turns to gravel there will be a large "pull-off" section to the right, dont pull off there. Immediatly past that is a small "pull-off" spot and park there.

Find the trail on the right side of the road. Take the first RIGHT (a hair-pin turn) on the trail and head downhill towards the waterfall. Then turn left and follow the trail over a bunch of tree roots. After the roots the trail goes a few feet between a bunch of rocks. when you are back on the dirt path walk about 5 feet and stop. To the LEFT (uphill) is a huge collections of gigantic mossy rocks. You will see a tiny triangular shaped cave that maybe a rabbit could fit in. RIGHT of that cave is 2 tall, very old, very mossy trees. The letterbox is at the base (behind) of the tree on the left in a tiny cave blocked up by 2 rocks.