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First aid needed"Friends" LbNA #64047

Owner:World Travellers Contact
Plant date:Jan 10, 2013
Location: Rose Garden Lane
Found by: 4Flowers
Last found:Apr 11, 2021
Last edited:Oct 25, 2015
From 101 Take the Cave Creek Exit. Go north to the First light. Culvers will be on the corner. Turn Left on East Rose Garden Lane. Drive until the road dead ends at a park. From behind the park sign take a compass reading of 300 degrees NW, and walk toward the two large rocks. From between the large rocks walk 180 paces on the main trail towards the left, heading to the base of the large mountain. You should be standing at an intersection. There should be a knee-high rock in front of you. Looking at the knee-high rock turn left (south). Walk 125 paces to the row of boulders at the end of the trail. Turn right (west) walk 70 paces on the trail until you see a very large set of rocks on the left hand side. You will see a large pointy rock sticking out. Heading the direction the rock is pointing, walk 35 paces to a group of three Palo Verde trees. The box is under the tree on the left covered in sticks. Please re-hide well, and let us know if you find it!
This box is called “friends” because it was placed here by two families who have been friends since college.