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A Cross for Eddie LbNA #64024

Owner:TravelingStokes Contact
Plant date:Apr 20, 2012
Location: Devil's Den State Park
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Apr 20, 2012
Aside from being a beautiful place to take a scenic hike and enjoy nature at its finest, Devil's Den State Park is also filled with historical significance. Anything in quotations in the description below has been quoted from "History and Self-Guiding Tour of the Upper Lee Creek Valley and Devil's Den State Park," an informational pamphlet by Park Interpreter Wallace Keck which is available for a small fee at the Park Office.

"The CCC [Civilian Conservation Corps] was established by President Franklin Roosevelt to rebuild the nation's infrastructure and to put men back to work. [...] CCC projects included building roads, parks, schools, and lakes, and replanting forests and other conservation efforts. Devil's Den State Park was one of these projects. On October 20, 1933, construction began on the first of two CCC camps at Devil's Den. [...] After construction of the camp was complete, the men turned their attention to building a road into the Lee Creek Valley. Later this road was to be named Highway 170. [...] Over the past 50 years the park has changed very little. The old CCC bridge across Lee Creek washed away in 1959-1960 and a more modern highway bridge was built."

[This modern bridge is where our letterbox clues will begin. From the main bridge, turn onto the road toward Camp Area A. On the right side, you will see two rock pillars, which are actually bridge abutments from where the first bridge washed away in 1960. There is a small parking area where you can stop and get out of the car for a bit. Across the road is a rock retaining wall.]

When you arrive at the site of the old bridge abutments across Lee Creek, take a moment to read the placard describing the site. Check out the view of the creek. If you have a few hours to kill and want to enjoy a beautiful hike after you find this letterbox, the Yellow Rock Trail Head is just a few yards down this same road, before you get to Camp Area A.

To find the letterbox, face the rock retaining wall opposite the bridge abutments.

"During construction [of this retaining wall] one of the rocks rolled over on CCC enrollee Eddie Cornelius and killed him. This was the only known death at the park during the CCC era. A cross was engraved in the rock shortly after the incident, and can still be seen today."

To find Eddie's cross, first locate the large rectangular space on the top row (far over to the right side) where there should be a boulder. (That boulder is actually still on the ground in front of the space.) From the empty space, count three boulders to the left. In the bottom left corner of that rock, you will see the small engraved cross for Eddie Cornelius. You may have to look hard, as the cross is only a few inches tall. Once you locate the cross, move down and to the left, where you will see a larger crevice between two rocks on the bottom row. In the crevice you will see some smaller rocks. Remove these rocks and reach toward the back, where you will find the camoflaged jar with the stamp inside. Please be sure the jar is well hidden when you replace it!

This was our very first letterbox creation, so we hope it worked out for you and that you enjoyed the search. Please leave us some feedback on your experience!