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Tank You Very Much! (Bouse) LbNA #64023

Owner:SnakeDoctor Contact
Plant date:Feb 18, 2013
County:La Paz
Location: Monument Row
Found by: Dawgdok
Last found: Jan 3, 2020
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Feb 18, 2013
If you're interested in the history of the area click on the link above. Specifically scroll down to numbers 11 & 12.

Bouse, Az is a very, very, VERY small community located in western Arizona on Hwy 72 connecting Hwy 95 and 60. If you’ve driven through it you know not to blink because you’ll miss the park containing World War II memorials as well as 2 tanks. This park is called “Monument Row” and that’s where you need to find yourself.

Pull into the parking lot of the park and read the memorials set up for fallen comrades, the history of Bouse in regards to General George Patton and Camp Bouse. To the right of these plaques are two tanks. Sandy will be pointing to the tank that your stamp package will be located. Go around to the back of this second tank (a Howitzer) and find the storage compartments. PLEASE be very careful not to damage these compartments in any way (and be careful not to be spotted opening the right storage compartment – I’d prefer the package not to be stolen). The container is a camouflaged Ziploc bag so it will be lying flat in that storage compartment. Be careful not to get bit/stung by a spider or scorpion!

My father was in a tank during the Korean War and I’m going to do a series of boxes Tank themed in his honor. I’m grateful I still have him in my life.

Enjoy the box and keep an eye out for more “Tank You Very Much” boxes.