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Happy Face LbNA #63850

Owner:DosAmigas Contact
Plant date:Jan 19, 2013
Location: Phoenix Mountain Preserve
Found by: $teMiNaRy
Last found: Mar 19, 2016
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Oct 25, 2015
Box in good condition as of 1/13/14

Go to the Phoenix Mountain Preserve at 40th Street and Shea.
Look for the trail map and sign at the far end of the parking lot.
Turn left at the brown trail sign .
Follow the path to the yellow triangle sign (which indicates trail #8).
Continue along the trail.
As it veers to the right, you will see a large saguaro cactus (which is not very healthy).
On the opposite side, to the left, is a large mesquite tree.
Approach and face the tree.
Approximately 4 feet above the ground in the crotch of the tree, you will find the box under some twigs and a large rock.
Please rehide box carefully.

Happy Hunting!
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