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Mayan Glyphs LbNA #63701

Owner:MrOspital Contact
Plant date:Nov 21, 2012
County:Los Angeles
Location: White Point Nature Preserve and Education Center, West Paseo Del Mar
Found by: JampersandJ
Last found: Feb 15, 2016
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Nov 21, 2012
Written references to the end of B'ak'tun 13, an almost 400-year period in the Maya long-count calendar, are few. In fact, most scholars cite only one: a stone tablet found at Monument 6 in the Tortuguero archaeological site in Mexico's Tabasco state. The "Tortuguero Stela 6" is a tombstone that consists of three rectangular pieces that form a T shape, which was a symbol for the wind among the Mayans. What exactly the tablet says, though, is a mystery, because the glyphs in question are partially damaged.

However, local archaeologist Scott Latipso has found evidence that additional artifacts may be found where the land meets the sea near the "ranch of the green sticks." Local legends speak of the ground opening up and swallowing whole sections of earth. Elders from the local tribe speak of destructive forces that once dwelled in the ground nearby.

Professor Latipso is requesting expeditions be dispatched soon to explore the clues he has uncovered. If you and your team are ready, heed these clues. Your team should begin your search on the southwest trail just north of the historic palm trees, believed to be part of the Sepulveda Homestead, where the Early Rancho Days are fondly remembered.

Artifact 1
Observing the barren terrain 68 steps in, you will find a natural resting place. Looking under the west corner will lead you to THE first artifact.

Artifact 2
Continue on the trail, remembering to look for signs of the legendary Quetzalcoatl, a feathered serpent. You may be lucky to observe a tooth to the left and rest to catch your breath on the flat rock near it. Legend states that Quetzalcoatl lost the tooth biting the rock. Look under the bite mark END to find what you seek.

Artifact 3
Moving on you will come to a fork. Stay right and mind your footing as you continue uphill through the tall native brush. Stay right again at the next fork, and keep a lookout for a holey rock on the right. Under it IS what you may be looking for.

Artifact 4
Continue on with enthusiasm, knowing the truth is near. Take the next fork right and continue across evidence of a modern trade route to the other side. Continue on the natural trail, resting where it seems appropriate. Sitting on the bench, look left to a large white rock. Under the small rocks NEAR a young cactus is your final piece.