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Granada Park LbNA #63643

Plant date:Nov 23, 2012
Location: 6505 N. 20th Street
Planted by:JGOAL
Found by: Pumpkin Finder
Last found:Feb 8, 2014
Last edited:Nov 23, 2012
This letterbox is hidden in the outskirts of Granada Park, at 6505 N. 20th Street, just east of Highway 51 and south of E. Glendale Ave. The park is located between E. Maryland Ave. and E. Ocotillo Rd., and between 20th St. and E. Lincoln Dr.; it’s. Access is easy and the terrain isn’t too rocky. You can park along the street right at the entrance to the park.

Enter the park at the trail that begins at the southeast corner of 20th St. and Ocotillo. From this vantage point, it almost looks like nothing more than a lot that hasn’t been developed yet, but the park is actually pretty big. Watch out for critters and joggers!

From the sign at the trailhead, walk approximately 100 paces. You should approach a small grove of trees on the left. With Hwy 51 at your left shoulder and the largest tree on your right, stand at the entrance of a semi-circle of trees. Then walk approximately 8 paces into the group of trees, going down a slight elevation.

At the base of the largest tree, to the left of a fairly large rock, you will find the letterbox buried under medium-sized rocks, sticks, and brush. It’s a plastic Tupperware-like container that contains a Ziploc bag.

Please reseal both the bag and container and re-hide the letterbox under the rocks. If the letterbox is missing or if it’s no longer buried the way it’s described, please let me know. Thanks!