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"G" is for Geebee LbNA #63494

Plant date:Oct 9, 2012
County:San Mateo
Location: Arastrodero Preserve adjacent
Planted by:JackE Contact
Found by: Nature Hikers
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Oct 9, 2012
Go to Arastrodero Preserve via Alpine Road. 1.6 miles from Alpine Road see parking lot/bathroom rest area and mini museum on left. Stop in and check out the displays familiarizing yourself with the trees, plant life and critters in the area.

From the parking lot, walk along Arastrodero road going west. After approximately 300 ft see a yellow " bike share the road" sign.

Directly across the street from the sign you will see a large example of one of the native tree species featured in the displays at the mini museum.

You'll find the letterbox tucked into a crook of the branches. It contains a hitchhiker and a small Thanksgiving holiday appropriate bonus for the first finder.

****BEWARE of high speed traffic whilst walking on road. The tree is in a curve and blind spot for eastbound traffic filled with distracted soccer moms driving giant SUVs and texting!!

*****Keep an eye out for snakes in the high grass and be sure to check yourself for ticks afterward!