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tree graveyard LbNA #63365

Plant date:Oct 20, 2012
Location: mendocino headlands
Planted by:angelica bug Contact
Found by: Not yet found!
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Oct 20, 2012
In Mendocino turn off Lansing street on to Heeser drive toward the ocean and mendocino Headlands state park. Drive about two tenths of a mile on Heeser, on the right you should see a small parking lot and picnic benches, and wooden building (restrooms) park here. walk out toward the picnic benches on the left there will be a small dirt trail walk down until you see lots of dead trees, "the tree graveyard". If you keep walking you'll see a small stump in the middle of the trail,(like a stepping stone) from there take a right on that small trail, a short distance away theres a large standing tree and a dead fallen tree, take a sharp right between the big tree and the dead fallen tree. Stay very close to the fallen tree. Take 6 steps then you should see an opening in the dead fallen tree remove the bark thats inside and there you will find the box. Please sign and stamp the book inside then place box back and covering it with the bark.
If the box is missing or something else is wrong please contact me at