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One Man's Trash... LbNA #63307

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:Oct 12, 2012
Location: 3948 Mission Inn Ave
Found by: Gma's Kids
Last found:Oct 6, 2019
Last edited:Jul 31, 2020
Inland Empire Series: Riverside
Alive as of 7/23/20 but logbook missing.

At Tio's Tacos, his restaurant in downtown Riverside, Martin Sanchez has spent over 20 years creating what I can only describe as The Inland Empire's version of The Watts Towers. He's taken all manner of discarded trash, from bottle-caps to bicycles to Barbie dolls, and used cement and chicken-wire to mold them into a massive array of amazing folk-art.

He kindly gave me permission to plant a letterbox here. This is a small and simple one, but once you arrive, I think the letterbox will become a complete after-thought. Keep in mind that you're looking for a small (1" x 2 1/2") red and white Altoids tin, smaller even than most hitchhikers.

Order some food and a fresh fruit drink, then wander around the many courtyards between and behind the restaurant, home and gift shop. Between the massive creations you'll also find all kinds of small and clever details. Once you think you've seen everything, look up, look down, then turn around and I guarantee you just saw three new things you didn't notice before.

Continue to browse until you find a metal band: Deone behind Rey on vocals, Rafa plays bass next to Jose La Vitola, Alfredo has a double-neck guitar and Aurelio has something on the back of his head.

When you finish, make sure the logbook is sealed in the tiny bag, and refold it so that the folded-over seal tucks into half of the tin, with the stamp underneath in the other half, so that you can slide the lid back on.