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Walker County Series- #4 Town Creek Bridge LbNA #63209

Plant date:Sep 27, 2012
Location: Maddox Middle School
Planted by:MusicDiva101
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Sep 27, 2012
If you are near Son's Supermarket, get back on Highway 78 going east towards Birmingham. Go through what should be about the 5th traffic light. Turn right onto Airport Road (Kangaroo Gas Station on right). You will pass Kilgore-Green Funeral Home on your right. After the first light, take a right onto 14th Street East. Follow this road until you see the bridge on your right. Park in the first parking spot you see on right. Walk to the beginning of the bridge facing the school. To your left, you will find some large stacked rocks. What you're looking for is in a space in the rocks in the first 25 feet of rocks.