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Peoria One LbNA #63189

Plant date:Sep 27, 2012
Location: Rio Vista Park
Planted by:Sparky & Baxter
Found by: Cardsfan6251
Last found:Sep 6, 2015
Last edited:Sep 27, 2012
Owner: Necco & Daisy
Date Placed: September 27, 2012
County: Maricopa
Location: Peoria, Arizona

Difficulty: Easy
Walking time: 5 minutes from parking lot
Status: New box, planted on 9-27-12

Take I10 east to Phoenix, as far as the 101 North on the west side. Go north on the 101 to Thunderbird and exit. Turn left and go under the freeway to Rio Vista Blvd. and turn right into Rio Vista Park on the right (second stop light). Follow the main road past the Recreational Center on the left, the main pavilion and playground on the left. Go as far as you can and turn left and park at the north end of the parking lot.

Walk across the bridge and turn left after crossing. Go thru 2 gates on the paved road/walkway. If gates are closed, walk around. There is a steel post about 3 feet tall on the left, about 7 feet past the 2nd gate. You will find the box between the post and the road at the base of this post.

Please be careful of your surroundings and when you are ready to leave, please plant the box so that it is well hidden and secure. Make sure it is double ziplocked. Put the stamp and book in the smaller Ziploc. Put this in the container and put the container in the larger Ziploc bag.

Be cautious!! Watch out for dangerous desert critters!!!! Let us know if you find it and/or if it needs attention or is missing” Also, record your find at or at ENJOY!!!!