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Medaling in Letterboxing LbNA #62903

Owner:Trishee Contact Inactive
Plant date:Aug 20, 2012
Location: Centennial Hills Park
City:Las Vegas
Found by: GS.Troop123
Last found:Apr 28, 2022
Last edited:Sep 18, 2015
Once was lost, has now been found! Clue has been changed due to landscaping.

This is a super quick find. Park in the furthest Northwest corner of the park near the volleyball pits. This is at the corner of Elkhorn and Buffalo. If there are no events going on you can get a covered parking spot.

Find the entrance gate to the dog play area. With the gate on your left and large rock and Palo Verde tree on your right go 10-12 steps forward, NW along the sidewalk to the next large flat rock.

At the rock, take 10 careful steps North through rocks toward the street and light pole to the next large rock. Behind a SPOR at the Northern side of the rock is your medal. Take an item if there are any left.

Brown, yellow or gold ink.

**This area gets crowded with parents picking up their kids from a nearby elementary school. You may want to avoid getting it from 2-3:30ish from last week of August to first week in June.