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The Key to Historic Denmark Presbyterian Church LbNA #62890

Owner:DS Contact
Plant date:Aug 18, 2012
Location: 2799 Denmark Jackson Rd.
Found by: Team JSABAIL
Last found: Aug 7, 2015
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 18, 2012
Located just 4 miles from the Civil War Battle of Britton Lane, the Historic Denmark Presbyterian Church, located on Denmark Jackson Rd, Denmark, TN was built by the Snipes brothers using slave labor, in just six days in 1854. Civil War-era stories include that of Confederate soldiers hiding under the hoop skirts of their sweethearts when Union troops searched the church during a Sunday service.

Denmark Presbyterian Cemetery, established in 1833, is located a short distance behind the Denmark Presbyterian church. Academy Lane runs beside the church and ends at the cemetery.

To find the Key to the Historic Denmark Presbyterian Church, at the Church, turn in to what seems like a drive-way to the church, which is actually Academy Lane. Follow this road straight back, past historic markers all the way to the Cemetery. Once at the gate of the cemetery, stand outside the cemetery, with your back to the graves. Walk across the street spying an apparently unused grave marker. The unused grave marker is Annie Laurie Neville who died in 1941. Stand so that you can read the name correctly, then look past Annie’s grave marker to a circle of 3 trees, one bigger, two smaller. The letterbox is inside this circle of 3, at the base of the middle-sized of the 3 trees, covered by a brick.

(Fyi, I tried to figure out why this marker seems to be discarded here. I believe it is because they left “Duncan” off her name. Her marker in use was remade with her correct complete name.)