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Mono Moments (Still Cruisin') LbNA #62276

Owner:desertgypsy Contact
Plant date:May 8, 2012
City:Lee Vining
Location: Mono Lake
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found: N/A
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 21, 2015
Because my BFF celebrated her 60th birthday this year (I got there first!), she got to pick our annual adventure. A cruise? A European trip? A weekend at the spa? No! What did she choose? A road trip, of course. Without a plan we somehow found ourselves at Mono Lake where we had gone on our very first road trip over 20 years ago. So this one is for my best traveling buddy who is 60 years old and still cruisin' after all these years!

South of Lee Vining on 395, turn east on Hwy 120. Approximately 2 miles down the road is the South Tufa turnoff. (Maps of the area are available at Lee Vining). First right will take you to Navy Beach. However if a 1 ½-mile gravel road does not appeal to you, it is possible to reach Navy Beach from the South Tufa parking lot. Take the nature trail loop and follow the sign to Navy Beach. It is a very nice walk.

Once you arrive at Navy Beach parking lot either by car or foot, find the 3rd log to your right from the entrance or from the information kiosk, it is still the 3rd log to the right.

The box is hidden under the right side of the log just left of the log support. Behind the loose rocks you will find us “still cruisin”.

Be sure to walk down to the lake, enjoy the strangely formed tufas. Hopefully you too will experience your own moment.