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The Palace LbNA #62274

Plant date:Jun 22, 2012
County:San Francisco
Location: Palace of Fine Arts
Planted by:Zosimos Contact
Found by: agltbialik
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 20, 2015
A letterbox hybrid geocache for tourists (and residents) visiting this famous city landmark. The "archeological" puzzle leads to the discovery of an "artifact" concealing a logbook and letterbox stamper appropriate for those who enjoy collecting ink-based souvenirs when they geocache.

A mysterious script inscribed on both a disc and vellum calfskin have baffled scholars in the Bay Area for over fifty years. Some believe the lost language reveals the location of an omphalos hidden on the grounds of The Palace of Fine Arts. The keepers of the secret are rumored to have placed a translation device or "Rosetta Stone" resembling the disc somewhere near the temple. It is up to you to find this device and use it to interpret the scripted message on the vellum calfskin. Doing so will reveal where to go to find the omphalos artifact (i.e. cache)!

(See remaining clues on cache description page at The Palace Web page)

Rosetta Stone Device