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Lovebirds LbNA #62240

Owner:Erfellie Contact
Plant date:Jun 17, 2012
Location: Rainbow
Found by: The Pinecone Group
Last found: Mar 1, 2014
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Oct 17, 2015
This box is in an absolutely beautiful location that isn't very populated. It has a great sandy beach and one of my absolute favorite local spots for a picnic and a swim so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do :)

To find the Lovebirds from I-5 take Exit 61 Merlin. Follow Merlin Rd past Rays Market (great place to pick up your picnic goodies), through the town of Merlin itself, keep going a ways past the Hog Creek Boat ramp, Hellgate canyon, Yellow Bridge, Indian Mary Park, Morrisons Lodge and a few miles later there will be a brown sign on the right side of the road just after a bend in the road that says Rainbow. Keep your eye out for this sign, its easy to miss if you drive by too quickly. (If you reach the sign for Carpenters Island you have gone to far). I estimate its about 15 miles from the I-5 Exit.

Pull into the parking lot. Start down the trail that passes next to the restrooms. Follow this trail a couple hundred feet. you will see where it branches off and heads down river 2 times, stay on the main trail and then at the 3rd right turn then go down that way. You will see a man made stair case head down it and the sandy beach will be right in front of you. from the stairs walk about 50 feet and look up to your left. There is a large sort of V shaped channel. Look up to your left and you will see a few multiple-trunked trees and a very old barbed wire fence. If you are standing at the opening of the channel, the large multiple trunked tree closest to you and the fence holds the Lovebirds Nest. Climb up the strong roots and in the crotch of the tree you will find them nesting under a big flat rock and debris.

Please re-hide carefully and watch out for critters. Ants and other bugs like areas like this so always use caution and when climbing the hillside adn tree roots please be very careful.

Happy Trails :)