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Choose Your Side: Assassins or Templars LbNA #61686

Plant date:May 6, 2012
City:Palmer, AK
Location: Birchtree Charter School
Planted by:LoneWolf13
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:May 6, 2012

Read It!

Start AT: Birch-tree Charter (Across from ATT Sports Center...)

Okay who is the Main Character?

Go On The Way to His Family Circle Near Your Starting Point

Remember Amanda And James?

Find their Last Name On A Green Sign

Look Towards the Box Of The Closed Envelope

Look In the Way of Boys Street

Find Your Non-Crystal Path

Climb up the hill.

Find the tree of the Fallen

In tribute of this Monumental Tree There Should Be the Ribbon of the Fallen

Find Your Box of Decision Here

When Stamping in YOUR Collection Book: Stamp Your Decision on the front cover.... and stamp both on the desired Page

When Stamping Your STAMP In The LETTERBOXES Book: Stamp Your Stamp then put your Decision in the corner....

Preferred colors:

Templar Cross: Red

Assassins emblem: Blue or Purple

Travelers Accepted...

The Ribbon: The First 3 Words Mean Rest in Peace in Italian (Reference To Ezio Auditore Da Firenze( Assassins Creed) )

This Whole thing is a Reference to Henry Driftwood Series(Owned by ME)
and Assassins Creed (Owned by Ubisoft) No Copyright infringement intended