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Angry Heroes LbNA #61480

Owner:MrOspital Contact
Plant date:Apr 11, 2012
City:La Habra Heights
County:Los Angeles
Location: Hacienda Park
Found by: Rosencrantz (3)
Last found: May 24, 2015
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Apr 11, 2012
Angry heroes

Park and make your way down the dirt path on the north west corner of Hacienda Park. You will see two benches. Sit on the right side of the one facing south towards a memorial column and dig around the ice plant at the base of the post. Watch out for radioactive spiders!

Continue down to the concrete trail and follow the wood fence south. Count 13 posts and then take a compass bearing of 85 degree east to a small tree with a chunk of concrete at it's base. Use super strength to look under it.

The Avian Torch
Continue along the cement trail till you reach a section of wall on the left. At the end of the low retaining wall look up the hill for a 4-trunked tree. Look under the concrete chunk at its base. Flame on!

Angry Bat
Continue down the trail toward the road. When you reach the end head uphill, following the chain fence and paralleling the road. Look for a chunk of concrete where it meets another wood fence. Come on, Robin, to the Bat Cave!