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Squirrel Power LbNA #61317

Plant date:Apr 2, 2012
Location: Raab Park
Planted by:Moonfeather Contact
Found by: Domino Rex
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Apr 2, 2012
I love squirrels! I find them very comical and energetic and lively. They are always looking for food to store for leaner times. We should always try to prepare for those times when things get a little rough. As you search for my "Squirrel Power" letterbox, think of the things you could do to prepare for rough times. Knowing that you can still experience nature and beauty is always something that can help you get through these times.

Make your way to Raab Park in Poulsbo, WA. At the back of the park is an outside theatre and stage. Beneath the steps you will find what you seek. Look up and you will see a fenced garden and a circle of evergreen trees.

Please put the box contents back in the plastic bag after stamping and make sure the box is sealed well. Place the box back in its hiding place so that it isn't visible from any angle.

Note: The park closes at dusk.