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Scotch Broth LbNA #61227

Plant date:Feb 14, 2012
Location: Nicasio Reservoir
Planted by:yinyang geese
Found by: geckonia
Last found:Feb 2, 2022
Last edited:Feb 14, 2012
A section of the Nicasio Reservoir park area has recently been inhabited by Scottish-themed letterboxes. In this spirit, on Valentine’s Day 2012, I planted Scotch Broth with The Olde Oak, its carver and my letterboxing partner of the day. If you choose to look for it you will have an interesting hike through some fairly rugged territory.

From Petaluma, stay on Pt. Reyes-Petaluma Road after you pass the intersection of Nicasio Valley Road and travel .8 miles to a small pullout where a trail begins. A brightly-hued portapotty marks the pullout, but you may not spot the portapotty until you’ve passed it, so turn around and try again if you pass it.

Park and start your trek on the little trail. You’ll see a woodsy land bridge up ahead, which you’ll veer off to the right to cross. The bridge takes you to an “island”, where you’ll spot a very large rock up and ahead of you. Hike up to the large rock, then look to the west to see a larger vegetation-covered rock. Just below that is another smaller, vertically built set of boulders. When you get to these boulders, climb up facing the direction of the portapotty which marked your trail from the highway. Stand with your back against the highest chunk of rock, then walk at 315 degrees for five or six steps and look down into the fissure at a suspicious bunch of rocks.

Under those rocks, with any luck, you’ll find Scotch Broth. Soup’s on!