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Fishing spot #1 LbNA #61173

Owner:SnakeDoctor Contact
Plant date:Mar 21, 2012
City:Lake Havasu City
Location: Mesquite Bay I
Found by: Children of the Forest
Last found: Jan 14, 2018
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Feb 18, 2016
Very easy find.
15 minutes round trip.

Located along the river in Lake Havasu City, Az.
If you're coming from in town in Lake Havasu City take London Bridge Road (off of Hwy 95) and travel North for 3.3 miles. Turn left into the Mesquite Bay North parking lot and park. Head towards the water, you'll see the fishing dock resting in the bay. Now look to your left for a cement pathway. Take that pathway and pass the wide cement pad, on your left, making sure to stop and read the wildlife and waterlife information boards along the way. Continue following the pathway until you come to the last awning, before you get to the docks, and you'll see a bench east of the awning. Sit on the bench and enjoy the sights and sounds of the bay. Ducks, mourning doves and quail will serenade you. Such peaceful sounds. Look to your left (south) to the trimmed Mesquite tree. At it's base is a stump and against the stump is a flat rock with leaf debris surrounding and hiding the camo'd pouch under it.
Please make sure to look carefully. You are in the desert with the possibility of scorpions & rattlesnakes and other nasty critters. Also be aware of people around you, we don't want the box to go missing (AGAIN).
After you've double ziplocked and hidden the box again make sure to walk out onto the dock. Great fishing and a beautiful view await you.
I live locally so please log in and update me on the status of the box. Mesquite Bay has already lost 1 box in the past.