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Old Zoo Animals LbNA #60836

Owner:Lee & Nancy Contact Supporter
Plant date:Feb 19, 2012
County:Los Angeles
Location: Griffith Park
Found by: The H4 Family
Last found: Apr 10, 2016
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Feb 19, 2012
03/11/2012 - The Fierce - Moved to new location. Thank you ScoutingBear and Purple Raven.

This series is planted at the old zoo area in Griffith Park. This old zoo was used until 1965, before being moved to its current location. Many of the old cages and enclosures still exist. Not all of the animals made it to the new zoo, though. Hidden in the hills above the enclosures, are some of these animals, including the Fierce, the Timid, and the Loyal. Park at the Old Zoo Picnic Area, and take the asphalt path up to the enclosures. Then take the path to the left that goes up and behind the main enclosures.

The Fierce - Hike up the hill until you get to an old building. Just beyond, and to your right is a sturdy cage designed to hold the most ferocious of animals, but one fierce animal escaped out the back left opening and ran to the back fence. Pass the enclosure and through the fence heading up the small path. Walk until you come to a very black tree. Take 6 steps past and stop. Look to the left where a thin long log lays. In the V of this log hides the fierce little animal.

The Timid - Continue up the main path and after going through the gate, take 60 more steps. Turn right and go up the hill to the right. When you get to a junction, take the path left uphill to the log in the path. Follow the log left to the V in the trunk. The Timid creatures will be hiding there under plant debris.

The Loyal - Go back downhill to the main trail and turn left. Count about 36 vertical fence posts along the right side of trail (gaps exist). At this point you should see what looks like a dog house. Facing the dog house the Loyal animal can be found on the wall behind you along the fence, where the metal is peeled back for the second time.