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Silver Lake Train Station LbNA #60483 (ARCHIVED)

Owner:pennylodge Contact
Plant date:Jul 30, 2011
Location: 1381 Village Road,
Found by: Scouter648
Last found: Aug 15, 2016
Hike distance:.1 mi
Last edited:Jul 26, 2019
The railroad station was built in 1870. It burned in 1874 and was replaced with the present building used as the Silver Lake Post Office for many years as well as the now, Silver Lake Railroad since 2007. The last passenger train passed through Silver Lake on Saturday, February 20, 1971. In the past, two passenger trains ran daily, one in the morning and one in the afternoon to and from Boston. Visitors from the Boston area packed their trunks and boarded the trains to Madison and surrounding communities to enjoy the beautiful natural environment hiking, swimming in the summers and skiing in the winters. The presence of these seasonal visitors boosted the economy and provided opportunities for many of the locals to take in guests. Multiple freight trains ran daily bringing supplies in as well as carrying local goods such as lumber and fresh fruit and vegetables to the city.

Currently the Silver Lake Railroad occupies the rails and offers train rides by donation in the summer and fall, boasting beautiful views of ponds, lakes, streams and the ever popular Mt. Chocorua. The train museum is filled with interesting memorabilia from days long ago and the 1941 Sterling Diner is still offering up tasty treats. Find more about the Silver Lake Railroad at

Clues: Find the Silver Lake Railroad and Station at 1381 Village Road in Madison. After parking your car, walk past the 1941 Sterling Diner, picnic tables and tan and green building on the right. Just past the tan and green building there is a small grassy clearing. Look for a clump of decaying birch tree stumps just beyond the start of the tree line. The Birch stumps hold the treasure you seek. Be sure to carefully replace the Letterbox so it is hidden from view.