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Do You See What I See LbNA #60423

Owner:MrOspital Contact
Plant date:Jan 4, 2011
City:Hacienda Heights
County:Los Angeles
Found by: Creeping Death
Last found: Jul 11, 2020
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jan 4, 2011
Estimated Hike Length: 4.47 miles (bring water)
Starting Elevation: 252 feet
Total Ascent: 933 feet

Begin at the Hacienda Hills Trailhead at the intersection of S. 7th Street and Orange Grove Ave. Check out the map at the kiosk and then go through the turnstile to begin the hike.

Numbers or Letters
The trail begins as Ahwingna, which is wide, and ADA accessible. Follow this trail for 0.3 miles until you see Coyote Trail on the left. Continue to take the Ahwingna trail up, as it winds up a steep, paved hill. At the top of the hill, take a left to stay on the trail.

At the first switchback, continue straight past a large bush. Look at the base of the sage, under a rock (23 steps from trail). Return to trail when done.

Clean or Dirty
Continue up the Ahwingna Trail, making a left after about a half a mile to stay on the Ahwingna Trail (There is a horse rail at the turn and the Native Oak Trail heads straight).

When the trail levels out after another half a mile, look for a small hill with the power line dead ahead. At the base of the lone oak tree, look for the letterrock at its base. (There is a numbered tag on this tree, but I failed to write it down. If you will message me, I will add it to the clues.) Continue up the last hill when done.

Horse or Donkey
When you reach the fence, take a right to parallel the fence, staying on the trail side of the fence (not the fire road on the other side).

After an additional half a mile, the native oak trail branches off to the right, take it heading up a small hill. When you come to a trail sign, take a right to take the Puma Trail (This will take you over a small wood beam and past a “no bikes” sign).

Past a large oak with a social trail leading up to it, look for a hard right turn (90 degree turn). At the base of the bush at the turn look under branch and rocks.

Seal or Bear
Continue down the trail, taking a right to rejoin the Native Oak Trail. Continue straight passing an open area on the left with a large metal pipe.

Hiking back up into the hill you will pass a low trunk hanging over the trail from the left. When you pass a second tree hanging overhead, this time coming from the right, keep a lookout for a tree on the hill on the right.

It has a tag labeled #751. Look on the trailside of the tree under rocks and leaves.

Continue up the hill again taking a seemingly endless amount of switchbacks. You will then come to the crossroads you came to earlier. Head straight to take the Ahwingna Trail back down the way you came.