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Norman the Gnome LbNA #60394

Owner:Violet08 Contact
Plant date:Dec 20, 2011
City:Santa Rosa
Location: Doyle Park (698 Doyle Park Dr)
Found by: Annie M
Last found: Jan 28, 2013
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Dec 20, 2011
Norman the gnome is a curious little fellow. He loves to go exploring; perhaps you can follow in his footsteps and find where he has gone. Today, he is visiting his friend in Doyle Park in Santa Rosa.
Ink color recommendation: black

To begin your adventure, make your way to Doyle Park which is located off Sonoma Ave at 698 Doyle Park Dr in Santa Rosa. Drive to the end of Doyle Park Drive which will lead you into the park. (you should pass Doyle Park Elementary School on your left and drive over a bunch of speed bumps) Turn left and park in the left most lot. You should be overlooking a grassy field and the dog park. Start at the September 11th tribute bench.

One rainy and grey winter afternoon, Norman the gnome was invited to visit his squirrel friend Chestnut for afternoon tea. Perhaps you might see Chestnut or his family, if you visit their park. They can often be seen hopping from tree to tree chattering at those pesky dogs that disturb their neighborhood. Fortunately for Norman, there were no dogs or people to be seen, most were at home hiding from the rain that threatened to fall at any moment. “Perfect weather for tea”, Norman thought as made his way down the paved path that followed along the creek. He passed on his left a sign reading “vita course 3” and few fallen trees. Shortly after, on his right, Norman saw two towering oaks. The second tree is where Chestnut lives. If you look closely, you might be able to see his front door tucked among the top most branches. Norman scrambled up the tree and knocked, but no one answered. “That’s funny” he thought, “Perhaps he has gone to pick blackberries”. So Norman waited. A few minutes later, when he still had not turned up, Norman decided to go exploring and look for Chestnut himself. He returned to the path and continued to walk, until he reached a picnic table. He then took a shortcut through the ivy (leading back to the main path), and then the next little path on the left, leading toward the creek. Norman walked between two bay trees and picked a couple leaves to take home with him. He happens to be an excellent cook, and knows how to make a delicious bay leaf stew (to identify the bay tree, rub the leaves through your fingers. They smell wonderful). Norman continued to wind his way through the trees, walking parallel to the paved path and vaguely following the creek (there is no clear defined path here, just continue in the direction you've been walking). Many magical folk, including gnomes, elves and fairies like to make their homes near rivers and streams; keep your eyes peeled during your walk. You might be lucky enough to spot a glimmer of a wing, or see a tiny chimney peeking out from behind a boulder. Norman walked until he reached a fallen tree across the path. With a little difficulty, he managed to scramble across it to the other side (if you are not a energetic as Norman, you can walk up the hill and around the tree, there is a small path leading down on the other side of it.) By this time Norman was getting tired, after all gnomes have much smaller legs than people do. This little walk was a big adventure for wee Norman and he was quite exhausted. But he kept going, along the small path leading between the ivy until he saw a tree on the right with many trunks, and a little nook at the base… just the perfect size for a gnome! By this time it was starting to drizzle, and Norman curled up inside the nook for a quick a nap. Perhaps if you hurry you’ll be able to find him there tucked in the left side of the nook under some pieces of bark. Be sure to tell Norman that Chestnut is back at his house, waiting for him to return for tea.

Please try and cover your tracks up to the tree, so Norman will be safe in his hiding spot. This is a great box to find with kids, but please make sure the box is sealed properly and rehidden so that it cannot be seen from the path.

This is my first plant, and I would love any comments or suggestions to help me make my next box even better. Thanks!