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Kilshans 1 LbNA #6037

Plant date:Oct 12, 2003
County:Alberta, CAN
Planted by:karl
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Oct 12, 2003
Find 9 ave and go west which turns into River Road SW. follow this road to the end and park in the parking lot by the outhouse. Follow the paved trail until you reach a fence on the left side. Look ahead to your right and you will see the first large tree as you get closer to the tree just before the tree look to your right and you will see an old log the cache is there. Getting down to the log will not be easy. There is a hitchhiker in this box please take him to another letterbox

the old box was washed away but a new one has been put in its place 16 july 2007