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underneath the rising path LbNA #60173

Owner:Kings treasure Contact
Plant date:Nov 25, 2011
Location: Rock creek greenway
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found: N/A
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Nov 16, 2015
(This is an easy letter box for starters. It can be found by starting at the community center easily (for those who don't like a hike) just park in the lot next to the baseball field and you'll find the trail entrance next to a big trash can just walk up and take a right before you reach the bridge and look for a tree covered by vines its at the base covered by leaves in the small trail 8 meters out)

if your up for an adventure

Start on Jackson street *the main road in Tullahoma.* Begin your adventure at the Tullahoma high school (big brick building next to a mac auto repair station cant miss it). Then park in the lot to the right (if its during school hours its suggested to park in the section farthest from the entrance or find the other entrance above this description). find the green way trail its entrance is in the parking lot continue on the trail and stay on the path until about 3/4- 1 mile and you'll reach the bridge at the END of the trail it will be located to the left of the bridge there is a small trail there -the trail on the side of the bridge CLOSEST to the end of the trail, careful to take the right trail-. it will be located in that area within 15 meters of the bridge (on that small trail look for the first big tree to your right itl be at the base under some leaves). Afterwards please help yourself to the surrounding parks and our beautiful city.

*NOTE* students use this small trail next to the bridge all the time, be discrete. also this box had went missing for a while and will be replaced 10/13/12. please email us if there is any more maintenance work to do.