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Night & Day LbNA #60095

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:Nov 10, 2011
Location: Veterans Memorial Park
County:Los Angeles
Found by: Lee & Nancy (2)
Last found:Nov 12, 2011
Last edited:Jun 14, 2021
Planted for the "Salute A Soldier" event.

These two boxes must be done over two days. The first box can only be found at night, and it contains the keyword for the clues to the second box, which can only be found in the day.

LUNA (alive and well as of 3/26/13, but some fire tacks are missing): East of the group campground is a grove full of boulders. Start at the rock that says "Native Cactus Garden" and bring a flashlight. A series of reflective fire-tacks have been placed on a trail of trees at about seven feet above ground. Shine your light on trees in every direction until you see the small reflection. Proceed to that tree and repeat the process from tree to tree until you reach a point where the tack has been placed near ground level on the tree. The camo bag is tucked in the center of several small trunks under a small pile of rocks.

Be careful as you shine your flashlight to not aim it into the neighborhood homes, or to make excessive noise and disturb the residents. The back page of the logbook contains the keyword needed for deciphering the clues to the second box.

SOL (alive and well as of 11/12/11): Do not attempt this box in the dark. Seriously, you could end up injured. The path is narrow and steep with sheer drops and is dangerous enough in the daytime, and I've also been told there may be poison oak. The clues are encrypted with a Vigenere Cipher, and are easily decrypted if you have the correct keyword.