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Spiky the "Stump" LbNA #59775

Plant date:Jul 30, 2011
County:British Columbia, CAN
Location: Soames Beach, Soames Landing
Planted by:Boris the Spider 7
Found by: Boris the Spider 7
Last found:Nov 1, 2011
Last edited:Jul 30, 2011
1. Read all clues before you start.
2. Go down the trail, till you reach the beach.
3. Walk down the beach 50 meters to your right.
4. Walk back 50 meters (you didn't actually listen to clue #1 did you) ;-D
5. Walk down the beach to your left until you see a sign that says "DANGER: DO NOT EAT SHELLFISH".
6. Remember the name of the letterbox..

The box in a lock-n-lock that is within 5 meters of the sign I mentioned in clue #5.

Happy letterboxing :-)

PS: WARNING FOR LETTERBOXERS: You might have trouble working the inkpad.