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Covington Angel LbNA #59580

Owner:dancingpecan Contact
Plant date:Sep 8, 2011
County:St. Tammany
Location: Covington Cemetery No.1, 700-758 N. Columbia St
Found by: fleetwood7
Last found: Nov 6, 2019
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Mar 11, 2019
Much thanks to Brownie Troop # 32017 and their troop leader missfaye for letting me know about some changes that needed to be made to the clues. They are going to help maintain this box for me.

If you check google maps you will see this cemetery labeled as Wilson cemetery, but the gates are marked with Covington Cemetery, and historically this cemetery is known as Covington Cemetery No. 1.

Go through the front gate on North Columbia St. . Head straight along the sidewalk, past where it ends, to a lamp. On your left is the Buisson tomb. Start walking roughly east through a section of graves until you see the stump of a large tree. Make your way over to this stump. Next to the stump(north east side) is an iron fence around an old grave. If you examine the headstone, it appears to be "In loving memory of our Allison". At her feet are buried Lillie and Seth "wife and husband" and Mary "beloved daughter". Just past them is a dirt road. Head right along it (South) towards the Kirkland St. entrance, until you pass a stone tree trunk where Joseph L. LaCroix, who died February 10, 1907, is buried. Just ahead on your right is another large tree, which used to have some smaller scrubby trees growing against its base. Those have been cut off, but the small stumps still remain. Hidden in the trunk, you will find an angel. At some point someone added a flat stone to cover the box, which cracked it. If the stone is still there, then be very careful about how you place the stone on the box. Please rehide this box VERY carefully. When I planted it, the small scrubby trees added to the coverage. Now the hiding place is much more exposed. To see the original statue, head back towards the gate you came in from. Next to the Buisson tomb, you will see a larger tomb belonging to the Galatas family. The angel graces their tomb.

Please be very respectful of those buried here. Covington's founder John Collins is buried here, as well as many of the town's earliest inhabitants.

Remember to be discrete and return the box to the same place you found it, covering it as well or better than it was.