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Flutterby Series LbNA #59467

Owner:widemouthedfrog Contact
Plant date:Aug 22, 2011
City:North Vancouver
County:British Columbia, CAN
Location: Lynn Canyon Park
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Aug 22, 2011
Flutterby Series
Flutterby 1
1. Walk down the 100 year trail until you reach an open place above the raging water.
2. On your left you will see the sign that says nothing and goes nowhere. On your right, there is a tree lying down. Go down the path near the tree.
3. Go past the giant O that is near the U.
4. The path splits. Take the right path: that is the correct one.
5. Close by, behind a log and beneath the rocks you will find the first Flutterby.
Flutterby 2
1. Walk on. Go past smelly plants on your right, and continue on, past the old tree that guards the other path.
2. Look for the triangle that joins to the cylinder. Go past it.
3. You will see a place where the alphabet hides under a layer of rocks and soil. Face the alphabet and go right.
4. Continue upstream.
5. You will see the end of the road and an old tree on your left.
6. From the old tree, move 40 baby steps, 30 small steps, or 20 giant steps toward the stump on your left. Look around, and you will find Flutterby 2.