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LOOKOUT! LbNA #59452

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:Sep 5, 2011
Location: Ortega Hwy
City:Lake Elsinore
Found by: ClueSo
Last found:Jan 19, 2014
Last edited:Sep 5, 2011
Alive and well as of 1/31/14

From Lake Elsinore, drive up Ortega Hwy a couple miles to The Lookout. A quarter mile past it, pull over and park in the turnout with the stone wall. Enjoy the view.

Continue along Ortega Hwy on foot, following the guardrail. At the end of the turnout you can step behind the guardrail, then continue to follow it to the "turnout" sign. Carefully cross the highway to the monolith. Continue along the shoulder ten steps and look under the hubcap.

When you're finished, make sure the logbook and stamp are both sealed in the bag.