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our dragon by sea sean LbNA #59212

Plant date:Aug 11, 2011
County:San Francisco
Location: San Francisco
Planted by:slimswimmer Contact
Found by: Not yet found!
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 11, 2011
To find our dragon letterbox enter GG Park on Stanyan and Haight. You may want to bring a fairly large piece of cardboard to enhance this exploration. Walk past the duck pond and through the tunnel.

Follow this path veering to the left until you come to the oldest public Children's Playground in the United States. Walk through the playground to a stone circle filled with flowers. Read the inscription on the rock in the center. Look ahead to the colored horses prancing in a circle. Buy a ticket and take a ride! After your ride, look back toward the playground and walk behind the little red barn. Farmer Brown's Barn, where back in the 1800s farm animals used to be kept inside the playground. Take that path up the hill.
If you remembered to bring the piece of cardboard, sit on it and ride down the slide. The slide, a feature of the old playground, was retained. After sliding down, walk back up the other side of the path (left side if you’re facing the slide.) As you walk back to the top of the slide, if you’re on the dirt trail you will see a tree grown horizontally on your left (if you’re on the paved path it will be on your right side, just at the beginning of the chain link fence). Look under this tree trunk to find what you seek. Let us know if you find it~!