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Flax Pond Letterbox Series at Nickerson State Park LbNA #5889

Owner:Mary Manatee
Plant date:Sep 27, 2003
Found by: Nairon
Last found:Jul 30, 2015
Last edited:Sep 27, 2003
Flax Pond Letterbox Series at Nickerson State Park

Number of Boxes: Currently 2 available, 1 in rehab
Placed by Mary Manatee and The Yachtsman
Location: Nickerson State Park, Brewster, MA
Clues: easy
Terrain: variable with some hills

Nickerson State Park in Brewster, MA is located off of Route 6A, about 1 mile west of Orleans. From the west, make your way to the Sagamore Bridge, then take Rte. 6 east to exit 12 in Orleans. Turn left off the ramp onto Rte. 6A west towards Brewster and follow signs on 6A to the park entrance about 2 miles on your left. From points east, take Route 6A west from the Orleans rotary. There are many other exits that you could take from Route 6 which connect to Route 6A if you want to see more of the fantastic Cape Cod scenery, including Rte 134 to East Dennis, and Rte 124 or Rte 137 to Brewster. This park is heavily visited during the summer months, and supports large stands of poison ivy in spots. We avoided placing the boxes in areas that required tromping through the ivy!

1. Water Bear Letterbox:

Placed on 9/27/03

Some years ago I (Mary) taught a field course for Bentley College that visited this part of Nickerson State Park each year to study a typical freshwater pond. During one of these class trips, we ran a plankton tow in a small pond in this area and came up with some beautiful tardigrades, or water bears, for the students to view through a field microscope. We have placed the Water Bear Letterbox in this area in honor of that find.

Note: This letterbox was still there in the summer of 2008! We will try to get out soon to replace the log book. In the interim, if anyone is going and can put a 2nd log in we would appreciate it. Please leave the original for us to take a look at. Thanks

Clues: Pick up a trail map at the entrance booth. From there, continue straight until you reach the Y intersection, then turn left onto Flax Pond Rd (signs say toward the picnic area and boat ramp). Just before you reach Keeler Pond there will be a small pull-out on your left. Park your car or bike here. A small path heads into the woods (roughly north). Climb the path to the end, and turn right onto another trail. Go 20 paces east, and you will see a rock on your right . Water Bear Letterbox is tucked under some bark and a small log on the east side of the rock.

2. Nickerson State Park Letterbox:

Placed on 9/27/03

This box is placed near a very distinctive boulder along Flax Pond Road that seemed to cry out for a letterbox.

Good News!!! A kind letterboxer/camper replaced the stamp and put out a new, dry box and log in August of 2008. Now we have to get out there to sign in!

Clues: This is a “drive-by”, “walk-by” or “bicycle-by” letterbox with one caveat. It is located right off Flax Pond Rd, and this road is very busy with cars coming to and from one of the park boat ramps. If traveling by car, it would be best to enter the Area 5 campground, and park near the Restrooms. From the Water Bear Letterbox, continue down Flax Pond Rd until you see a large glacial erratic on your right. Approach on foot, and look into the “jaws” of the boulder. The Nickerson State Park Letterbox is hidden inside. Please re-hide carefully, as this area is heavily used.

We will try to replace it this fall (2008)!

Placed on 9/27/03

Clues: From The Nickerson State Park Letterbox, continue down Flax Pond Rd to the Parking area at the Flax Pond Beach. In the summer there are restrooms here, but they are closed between Labor Day and Memorial Day. From the parking lot, take the Flax Pond Trail. Go right at the first fork. Climb over several fallen logs before you reach a spot where you first see Flax Pond. Before you get to the pond, you will see a standing dead tree split in half on your left. The Kayaker Letterbox is hidden inside a cleft on the pond side of the tree under leaves and bark. If you take the box and continue down the trail to the beach, there is a nice bench above the beach where you can stamp in. Please rehide the box carefully.