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Tomanonackqua LbNA #58562

Plant date:Jul 2, 2011
Location: Sconset
Planted by:starcrst Contact
Found by: happy hedgehog
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 2, 2011
Who Is Tom Nevers?

Tomanonackqua was the Indian sachem or chief of his people who lived in the Southeast Quarter which now comprises Sconset and Tom Nevers Road.

In the late 1600’s he made a business deal with the white settlers to sell whale oil back in England. In those days, whaling wasn’t done from boats. When a whale was found stranded on the beach, the Indians would butcher it, boil the carcass and render it into whale oil. Whale oil obtained by the Indians was not taxed in England so it was important to mark the casks with a special mark and name to certify Indian origin.

But the settlers thought that Tomanonackqua was too difficult for the English to pronounce and persuaded him to allow them to use the name Tom Never on the casks. He agreed and the whale oil shipped to England was marked “Indian Whale Oil rendered pure by Tom Never”
The name stuck and is carried down to today.
To Find Tomanonackqua’s Letterbox:
Go to …(guess which road)
About a mile should do it
You’re not crazy…..just “Round The Bend”
Look for an object held not up to nature but to traffic
Just behind the base should find it.

Happy Boxing!