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YMCA LbNA #58380

Owner:Erfellie Contact
Plant date:Jun 20, 2011
City:Tussing Park
Location: Grants Pass
Found by: KELLY
Last found: May 20, 2012
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 20, 2011
This is a box to commemorate the YMCAs annual Leterboxing Event and bringing families together for years to come :)
We hold this letterboxing event at the Allsports park, so it felt fitting to put the box there however everyone is welcome to it, member or not :)

To find it go to the All Sports Park
(From I-5, exit 58 Grants Pass, go down 6th street, right on Bridge St {also called M st} Left on Lincoln ln, then left into the park).

Once your in the park, follow the road to the end of the parking lot, past the pond, stay to the right, and into the last small parking lot near the bridge that crosses over the Rogue River. From here, cross the bridge into Tussing Park, stay on the asphalt path until you see on your left a ridiculously short water fountain next to a concrete bench. Look out in the woods behind that bench. About 50 feet away is a large fallen tree. On the right end of the tree, it forks. Look between the fork of the tree. Under piece of bark and debris you will find the letterbox. Stamp in to it and rehide carefully!!

*This letterbox is personally made for the YMCA and the YMCA itself holds no liability for it and is not responsible for its contents or condition*