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The One That Got Away: A Mother's Day Fish Story LbNA #58323

Owner:desertgypsy Contact
Plant date:May 8, 2011
Location: Lynx Lake
Found by: lionsmane
Last found:Apr 3, 2014
Last edited:Sep 19, 2015
Mother's Day in Prescott found my family at the lovely Lynx Lake for fishing, grilling and a little plein-air painting. Lynx Lake is stocked with rainbow trout but evidently the fish were already full because they were not biting this day. A fun outing none the less for the weather was good, the food better and the entire family took a short walk to plant this letterbox.

Start on Hwy 69 to Walker Road (near Costco). South on Walker Road for approximately 3 miles then take the third entrance to Lynx Lake. There is a $5 entrance fee but it always free on Wednesdays. Park at the very end of the parking lot just past the boat launching area. Walking towards the lake (north) as if you were going walk around the lake in a counter clock-wise motion will bring you to the trail. Less than a quarter mile down the trail you will cross a wide rock wash to your right.

From this point it is approximately 230 adult paces to the twisted waist-high oak trunk to your right, only a few steps off the trail. To your left is a smooth open area to the creek that is covered with marsh grasses (at least in the spring!). The box is located in the hole in the top of trunk, covered with rocks. Be sure to cover completely when you are done. If you stay on the trail, avoid creek-crossings and social trails, the box should be easily found.

If you continue on the trail, you will reach the dam a little further up the river. Nice view of the many boulders and large pools along the way.