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‘X’ Marks the Spot LbNA #582

Owner:Pungent Bob Contact Supporter
Plant date:May 11, 2002
Found by: ???
Last found: May 29, 2008
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 11, 2002
Note: Please respect the environment while searching for this box. I've received reports that the area has been trampled, though this may be aggravated due to the nearby geocache.

The ‘X’ Marks the Spot Mystery Letterbox was placed by Brett on May 11, 2002 somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. To find this box, decipher the clues below.

CLUES (difficulty may vary depending on local knowledge of the seeker):

Arizona and three others work together to create a unique oddity. Washington and three others create a very similar unique oddity. Both unique? Things aren’t always as they may first appear. Figure out what these oddities are and head for the less famous of the two. Stand at the spot and ponder the direction you should take. There are some rules you must follow. Eat no cheese. Do not speak to George. Avoid the big river. Ponder wisely and there will remain but one choice. Go in that direction and look behind, and under, a log. Here you will find what you seek.

I would appreciate it if you email me if you find this box. I don’t expect to check it often.