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Darling Spot LbNA #5723

Plant date:Sep 19, 2003
County:Del Norte
Found by: RougeRaven
Last found:May 17, 2015
Last edited:Nov 4, 2015
Take Highway 199 east of Gasquet about 1.3 miles past Panther Flat Campground to the botanical trail. Follow the botanical trail, stopping at the platforms to see the masses of these incredible plants. When you reach the last interpretive sign that says "Look for more treasures on the return loop" count 103 steps until you see a rocky orange path on your left. It is about 13 steps past a madrone on the left with a lot of names carved in it and just past a big rock that is in the main gravel trail that is about half as wide as the path. Follow this rocky path until it intersects with another path (about 44 steps). The new path is dirt and covered with leaves. If you look to your left you should see a lone large orangish-red rock. Walk to the rock and when you get to it look to your right. There are four madrones about 12 steps away that form a ring at the base. The letterbox is inside the ring and covered with a piece of bark and some leaves.

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