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Windy Hill LbNA #57160

Owner:Girls Go Hiking Contact
Plant date:Mar 19, 2010
City:Reno 89519
Location: Southwest
Found by: CW Sun Seeker
Last found: Jul 16, 2013
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Mar 19, 2010
As you approach Bartley Ranch, look for the horse that follows the wind, racing in place atop the green covered bridge.
Run with the horse, across the bridge, then turn right in and park your rig
Stand at the edge of the parking lot, in front of the red brick path. To your right you will see several large rocks. Look behind the 4th rock from the west, and there your treasure rests. After you stamp, step back and look left, where you might want to take a quick restroom break (indoor plumbing is your friend). After your break, take a look and find the Mediterranean Villa. Head south to “the Ranch.”
Head up the Ranch Loop trail. If you’ve got a pooch, keep him on a leash. Walk to the tiny creek, make sure you take a little peak. Lead any equines across the rickety bridge. Keep a steady foot, don’t fall off the ridge.
Keep on the trail, it’s a long, hilly way to your second box. We’re just getting started! At the top, enjoy the view then turn around; that’s where your next box will be found.
Miss Harris shades the second box. Search around the prickly pine, who knows what you might find. Remember, Miss Harris is awfully protective. Don’t give up, we’ve a way to go!
After you find the second box, go back to the view. When you look down, you’ll see Nevada set in white. That’s where we’re headed! Turn back around, view to your back, head to your left south of town. Don’t forget your pack!
Keep fido on his leash. When you reach the four big rocks, keep to your left on your way to the third box. Follow the switchbacks to the next bridge, but Whoa, Nelly, don’t you cross! Turn to your left to follow the Flume Trail. When you reach the tracks for the iron horse, turn north, back toward town. Keep the emerald-roofed house to your right.
No time for a concert at Hawkin’s Theater, we’re on a mission. Don’t sit down, turn right and keep a steady foot down Quail Run Trail. It’s steep and rocky, take your time. At the bottom you will find a different old time wagon at Nevada’s base. Quite a difference from Las Vegas!
Continue along the Utah side of Nevada to the hay loader corral. Look for the third and last box along the north rail. Eureka, you’re done!
To get back to your car, salute the flag. Your rig is parked below. You can either keep heading north along Nevada’s east border, or skirt the base of Nevada and take the paved road.
Thanks for sharing our hunt. We hope you had fun.