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The Caves at Tom Moore's LbNA #56929

Owner:SpencerIsland Contact
Plant date:Jan 15, 2011
Location: Tom Moores Tavern
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Jan 15, 2011
Tom Moore's Tavern, built in 1652, Walsingham Bay near Crystal Caves.

In Bermuda, head to Tom Moore's Tavern, near Crystal Cave. As you locate the entrance, begin driving down toward Tom Moore's. Prior to reaching Tom Moore's you will see a small parking area to the left with a large sign that states:

If you can, bring a Flashlight to explore the Cave where the clue is…very cool.

The Idwal Hughes Nature Reserve, Bermuda National Trust.

Park here...and begin walking the trail.

PLEASE NOTE: THERE IS A SMALL BIT OF CLIMBING INVOLVED…but, both my boys (each 9 and 6) did it :) ☺

As you enter the trail, there will be a fork a few feet in. Stay to the left..(Please keep your eyes open for Red Markers at the bottom of the trees....follow this and you will get there.)

Follow the trail, keep your eye on the red markers at the bottom of the trees. At approx. 0.3 miles in, you will be where you need to climb down a little embankment. There should be a red mark on the tree, or even a mark on the # nailed into the branch # 76 nailed into the branch..above where you will climb down.

Once you climb down, “Be Careful” you have approached your fist cave. (This is not the cave)..but check it out, it is pretty cool.

Pass this cave, after you have explored, down the trail a bit to another fork in the road…go to your left to a LARGER cave with an underground lake.. Very cool… You can explore a bit inside, BE CAREFUL. Or…if it is the clue you are after, as you approach the cave you will notice a set of concrete steps.

As you stand on the 2nd step,look to your left…and you will note some large rocks and a dirt area….step onto the dirt area. Do you see the small tree growing with the Red Marker around the bottom? The clue is under the rock, under the tree. There is a large rock, blocking it….carefully pull it out and the Clue you will find. Please, please replace very carefully….

Please enjoy the trails of Tom Moore’s...