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Vail History LbNA #56879

Owner:History Fans Contact
Plant date:Dec 26, 2010
Found by: WordGirl
Last found:Mar 17, 2014
Last edited:Dec 26, 2010
Find your way to the "town between the tracks"®. To help you on your way, it is southeast of Tucson, Az. "Between the tracks"® there is the desert home of a Saint and a place to practice your roping techniques.

Go to the oldest place in town, where the train once left letters to family and friends way out west. Look for the tree that meets the mud bricks that were made in 1908. There is a little desert garden with a path that runs through it.

As you walk the path through the special desert garden enjoy the history of our region and take a second to look up to find a box for the treasure you seek. You will have the most success facing the shrine in the south-east. Remember, even off the ground that creepy crawly things can be dangerous in the desert and caution is needed when removing the box.

If the treasure you seek is located using a personal satellite positioning tool look for GPS decimal minutes coordinates:

Degree, Minute Decimal:
Latitude: 32°6.2739999999998
Longitude: -110°47.2049999999999

Degree Decimal:
Latitude: 32.1045666666667
Longitude: -110.78675

Degree, Minute, Second:
Latitude: 32° 6' 16.440" N
Longitude: 110° 47' 12.300" W

Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM):
Zone: 12
Easting: 520120
Northing: 3552046

Update 7/14/2011: If you use the website - this box is the History Fans (Letterbox Hybrid)
Also if you are using a GPS unit instead of following the clue try: Latitude: 32° 02.860 Longitude: 110° 42.744

Thanks for visiting our Letter Box.