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Lightning Strike! LbNA #56833

Owner:Knotty Lady Contact Supporter
Plant date:Nov 22, 2010
Location: Ditto Marina Pkwy SE, Huntsville, AL
Found by: Team JSABAIL
Last found: Aug 9, 2014
Hike distance:.1 mi
Last edited:Aug 9, 2019
While on his way to Huntsville Speedway Lightning was not paying attention to where he was. He had been traveling many of the twisty back roads in the area. From Guntersville to Grant, on to New hope and Owens Crossroads, along through Hampton Cove and on up over Green Mountain. Up one road and down the next, he enjoyed the views and all the other sights to see along the way. But it was getting close to race time and he was not yet at the track.

The road names began to float around in his head and he was no longer sure where he was anymore. Let's see some Cove roads, some Hobbs roads, and something about Ditto was on his mind too. When out of nowhere a deer jumped across the road and he swerved to avoid striking it and up against the guardrail he went. He missed the deer but caught the rail instead, the damage was not any worse than he might get in the race that night, so on he drove and made it to the track in time for the race.

Lightning did leave a mark, at the very end of the guardrail, along the side of the Parkway that will bring you to Ditto Marina. This Parkway is not a Memorial Parkway but another very short one. It is just over one mile in length and the end you seek is about half way there. The Parkway has many new houses in the fields that had been for the cows not too long ago and it looks like even more houses may be built here soon. If you look you may still find a few cows in what fields are left there for now.

Just to let you know, if you are at the wrong end of the rail, you may find another type of hide and seek box that only has a logbook and no stamp. You must travel south to the other end to find what you seek for this game. A planters pouch is nestled just behind the last post in the rail. There is room to park on either side of the road but the west is best. For now you should be away from most onlookers, other than the drive-by type, as this end is away from the houses.

This plant was inspired by a little boy's Hitch Hiker we found once upon a time and the stamp was missing, so we replaced the stamp and ended up with an extra stamp to plant. We spent some time at the track looking for just the right place, but we were not happy with any we found. So we picked this spot by chance one night as we saw a deer cross the road and the story came to life.