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The Ubiquitous Raven LbNA #56809

Owner:The Olde Oak Contact
Plant date:Dec 24, 2010
Found by: Children of the Forest
Last found: May 28, 2021
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Dec 24, 2010
Well, I’ve been carrying this letterbox around for a couple years now, just waiting for the right spot. And the truth is it’s hard to find a spot where the common raven isn’t appropriate. He’s hanging out almost everywhere. I used to work at a school where ravens peered down waiting for old sandwich crusts and french fries, they’re in the wild, they’re near the sea and they’re always inland.

Sometimes I’ve watched the common raven and just felt they looked awfully smart. Read about them in stories and folklore. The raven is a cool, cool dude.

I finally placed this box in Humboldt Redwoods State Park just south of Pepperwood off the Avenue of the Giants. The trailhead is on the western side of the road where there is a sign indicating access to the Grieg, French and Bell Groves. There is a pullout for you to park in. An interesting thing to see on this very pretty walk will be the Girdled Tree. Begin your walk and you will soon see a 50 foot circumference redwood which had a large section of lower bark removed in 1901. The bark was taken to San Francisco for a convention display. It is amazing that the tree is not only still alive, but prospering. Another feature of this lovely walk is the faded, grayish to yellow discoloration remaining on some trees about 15 feet up from the flood of 1964, a “thousand-year” flood. OK, so walk, walk, walk and look, look, look. Eventually you’ll come to two picnic tables. With your back to the tables find a small trail going south. From the closest table to the trail walk about 20 steps down that trail. Stop. Check out the stump at about 160 degrees and 11 steps away. About two to three feet up on the western side of the stump find the letterbox tucked in behind bark and forest litter.

Just after I hid this box I thought I heard a raven off in the distance voicing his distinctive guttural sounds. Listen for him in the forest. I’ll bet he’s watching.

Please close bags and boxes tightly to keep moisture from leaking in. And thanks for coming!!