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Henninger Flats Trail LbNA #56663

Owner:Secular Harmony Contact
Plant date:Dec 4, 2010
County:Los Angeles
Found by: Alarch
Last found:May 5, 2011
Last edited:Dec 4, 2010
Henninger Flats Trail, San Gabriel Mountains, Altadena, California

Rosemary and sage but no thyme! At the intersection of the old Mount Wilson Toll Road and the horse trail from Eaton Canyon Park, halfway up towards Henninger Flats, you’ll find this box. When you arrive at the intersection, walk 40 paces from the trail sign towards the rock face of the mountain, then 10 paces to the right. You’ll find the box tucked underneath the rosemary and sage growing along the edge of the rock. Watch out for snakes and spiders and other little critters.

Henninger Flats sits underneath Mount Wilson above Eaton Canyon Wash. We liked this looping version of the hike, which was probably about 6 miles with 1400 feet of altitude gain. Dogs on leash welcome, lots of company on the trail. Mountain bikes aren’t allowed on the horse trail, but they’re OK on the old toll road. Start at Eaton Canyon Park’s nature center (Altadena Dr x New York Dr) and follow the signs for Eaton Canyon trail. Turn off to the right and hike up the horse trail towards Henninger Flats. It’s steep and eroded and offers terrific views of the San Gabriel Valley. Not a lot of shade though, so start early or go in the winter. After a couple of miles the horse trail intersects with the old toll road, which is wide and nicely graded. Look for our box there, then continue on up to Henninger Flats for lunch and a well deserved rest. On the way down, take the toll road all the way to the bridge over Eaton Wash, then exit onto the trail traversing the wash and return to the Eaton Canyon Park nature center & parking lot. Of course, you can also opt for a little more exercise and hike over to see the falls. Alternate starting point if you’d like to avoid the horse trail: 2260 Pinecrest Dr, ½ mile east of Allen & Altadena.